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LEKGOTLA AS A PRODUCT: based on the above aspects it is clear that Lekgotla will also be noticeable not most effective as a strategy but a product that may be packaged, described, transferred, and utilized in different environments, and in altering generation of our lives. So, it’s for that reason having its lifestyles cycle which can be managed like those of bodily products. It is renewable and can be modified to suit the occasions to which it’s utilized.


EXPORTABLE METHODOLOGY: if the Lekgotla methodology is a product, it could as a result be exported to other nations, and continents of the arena. Like other world tools of facilitation it can be utilized to clear up world issues and challenges. How special it’ll be for us, Africans, to be the individuals who educate this system to the rest of the world.


Conflict AND DISPUTES resolution: the arena at present is facing multiple conflicts and disputes, a few of which can be between nations, and others are inside the nations themselves. The Lekgotla methodology, like World Cafe’ large groups facilitation methodology, is right in tackling intricate problems among corporations. It has been used to solve many conflicts and disputes between African nations in the past. It continues for use in deep rural ingredients of Africa, notably in South Africa, in provinces like Limpopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Northwest, Mpumalanga, and Free State.

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