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It is a atypical sight to see when judges enter courts in their robes and horse hair wigs while barristers are similarly dressed. In the Supreme courtroom underneath British rule they line up like Santa Clauses in crimson robes and wigs to administer the regulation. The query is who are speakme for and what is the that means behind their garb? One would not need to travel too a long way again in time to secure the answers.


The term ‘horse’ is from ‘or-s’, which in old instances intended solar-light. ‘O-r’ is interpreted as ‘circle of power’ the place [r] or [ra] approach power and ‘ray’ for a beam of sunshine is from this source. The circle of power is the sun and it was this body that was once worshipped and referred to as the mummy God. She handed down the legislation via the excessive clergymen who interpreted it.

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