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To demonstrate their allegiance to ‘her’ they dressed within the skins of horses and wore the mane on their heads. This was the begin of the horse hair wig.


The solar-horse was once known as the ‘Magi’ or ‘mom god’s eye’, which is the sun. From this got here ‘majesty’ for the king who interpreted her will as her ‘sun’ in the world. The terms ‘son’ and ‘sun’ are the equal. This created the proposal of ‘solar-kings’ and ‘Sons of God’.


‘Magi’ can be in ‘Justice of the Peace’ for the administer of the regulation. The colour purple is symbolic of the dermis after publicity to the solar and can be the color of blood. Within the city of Babylon that  of crucifixion of god-men saw men voluntarily die on crosses at daybreak to trip the ‘ors’ or sun-beam upwards with the rising sun into heaven.

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