Funny Good Morning Images

Fade in.


In love, she lives, in love she resides (Natasha)


EXT-UNKNOWN location-midday


it is a quality day, trees, trunks, and pathways are filled with sunlight. NEVAEH, a gorgeous ladylike figure, stands in midair, her cloak white, her hair golden-a excellent style smile on her face; she is neither flying nor sinking however holding with invisible support above the ground. A real angel, mystic determine. She watches over and spots some moving figures. An Earth woman, Natasha, (woman from earth as Nevaeh is from one more world, now not of people) lady and two youngsters, a lady, and a boy.


EXT- midday CONT.




What a first-class day!


(Then the camera zooms in on Natasha)




(Excited tone)


Yay! I must see what they’re up to?


(She Flies towards them, and tries to listen to their dialog)


reduce to zoom on this planet woman and two children.




where are we going?


(The little girl nods her head on this question)






i’m going to take you two to my dwelling.

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