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touched that my capricious act had brought about such gut-filling happiness-twice, as I watched my youngster down a dozen fowl nuggety matters, empty a carton of fries and flush the complete wad down with a liter of soda. So, who says you can not feed a family on laughter. Talk a few comfortable meal.


Moments later in an place of job supply retailer, looking for the best great tip marker, the earlier act of kindness and generosity on behalf of the fast food employee was once still permeating the air, like the charisma of fragrance. I could not shake this happy mist in my midst, nor did I are trying; I wallowed in it. It could now not, nonetheless, be totally experienced (even after obtaining the ideal best tip marker) unless it was totally recounted. This act of kindness required retaliation of the cleverest form.


Fat and glad, my teen wanted to return home at this excessive factor in the day, however I pushed him to his limits with the aid of saying, “but wait, there may be more” and he slumps back off within the seat. “we need gasoline… Gas, petrol” to which there’s no response. I pulled into the station and park, no longer close the pump, but near the door. He made no action to unlock the seatbelt, indicating his intention to wait within the vehicle. Once once more, I used my maternal lubricant to pry him freed

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