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the place it’s in conflict with the cultural beliefs and practices of the community. The members ought to first be inducted, oriented and/or educated within the software of the methodology.


CONTINENTAL RELEVANCE: before colonialism the continent of Africa had no borders. One wish to consider that the cultural heritage like the Lekgotla methodology ought to were used to hold communities collectively long earlier than the continent was once divided into colonial borders. This makes it justifiable to remember the methodology critical to the entire continent. It can be used to carry the various international locations and communities of Africa together. It’ll only have got to be adjusted to the context of these international locations and communities.


Potential progress: The Lekgotla methodology is strong within the development of man or woman, organizational and community capability, in this order. It is a participatory finding out and progress facilitation methodology. It is a sensible solution to test the knowledge base of the individuals, businesses and communities.


Inspiration system: each man or woman and group is in a position to generate and develop recommendations. Nevertheless, each must have their possess wholly developed idea strategies that they follow when generating new recommendations, and setting up them into action. The Lekgotla

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