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— Justice room, with ceiling frescoes achieved by way of 18th-nineteenth century artist Antonio Fedi, and snap shots with the aid of sixteenth century artists Paolo Veronese, Titian, and Tintoretto.


— Mars room, with paintings with the aid of Rubens, together with his 4 Philosophers (the place Rubens, himself, is portrayed), and his penalties of conflict allegories (after which the room was once named). Pietro da Cortons’s fresco the Medici Triumph is painted on the room’s vault.


— Poccetti corridor (named after Bernardino Poccetti, who was once originally notion to have painted the vault frescoes – it’s now idea that they had been finished via Matteo Rosseooi), which has works of Pontormo and Rubens.


— Prometheus room (named after frescoes that were completed through 19th century artist Giuseppe Collognon), which has a number of circular artwork, including fifteenth century artist Filippino Luppi’s Madonna with baby, two Botticelli’s pix, and art work carried out by means of Domenico Beccafumi and Pontormo.


— Psyche room (named after its ceiling frescoes that have been performed via Giuseppe Collignon), which comprises a quantity of art work executed with the aid of seventeenth century artist Salvator Rose.

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