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this is the biggest of the galleries, and comprises greater than 500 art work, most likely with the aid of noted Renaissance artists. The gallery contains 28 separate rooms, including the following:


— Apollo room, with artwork with the aid of 16th century artists Il Rosso (Madonna with Saints – which originally hung in the San Spirito church), and Titian (an English Nobleman’s portrait, and a Magdalen).


— Ark room, which has a piece via seventeenth century artist, Giovan Caracciolo, and frescoes by using nineteenth century artist Luigi Ademollo.


— Castagnoli room (named after Giuseppi Castagnoli, who painted the room’s ceiling frescoes), which includes both Medici loved ones pictures and Lorraine family pics, and a famous stone tablet within the stone-inlaid ‘desk of the Muses’.


— Iliad room, which involves two Madonna paintings by using 16th century artist del Sarto: Madonna Passerini and the family Panciatichi Madonna, and works with the aid of seventeenth century artist Artemisia.


— Jupiter room, with art work with the aid of sixteenth century artist Raphael, as well as works through del Sarto, Rubens, and Perugin.

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