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SOUTHERN AFRICAN foundation: this system originated in Southern Africa and has now emerge as a continent-huge liked device. Many cultures in the subcontinent have some variety of Lekgotla practices. It is all about collaborative Ubuntu sort of existing collectively in a neighborhood that views each and every member as equal. The honour of fellow human beings is covered by using constructions that get to the bottom of differences amongst people utilizing the Lekgotla methodology.


LEKGOTLA FACILITATION ability: the leaders who are given the responsibility of making use of the Lekgotla methodology posses facilitation talent received over decades of watching its application by the elders in the many structures of the villages. Of course, at present such talent is taught using the ultra-modern ways of educating and transferring the talents. The opportunities are created for advantage facilitators to learn and practice the facilitation talent.


Protecting THE AFRICAN tradition: the Africans are identified for transferring and preserving their average practices from generation to generation by way of oral story telling and practices. The continued application of the Lekgotla methodology contributes to the retention of this subculture. There are various aspects of the African culture which can be related to the appliance of the Lekgotla methodology, for example, using the king’s stick, sitting in circle to demonstrate equality, reward sing to renowned humans’s standing within the society, placing nourishments on the centre of the circle to permit equal entry and sharing, admire for the approach, keeping off speakme while, acknowledging the inputs made by each and every participant within the method, and so on.

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