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$194,four hundred. Stressed? Let’s appear on the math. Commencing with the usual rate per sq foot in the discipline, i might divide that by using 5. $a hundred and forty PPS / 5 = $28 PPS. In our illustration, there is a measurement change of 200 feet, so I multiply 200 by means of $28 and get $5,600. For the reason that the comp is greater than the area, i would assume the discipline to promote for much less, so I subtract the adjustment. $200,000 – $5,600 = $194,four hundred. Consider, that is the indicated price utilising one comp. You’ll want to use a number of comps to get a fair clearer image of worth.


Eventually, above grade square footage is way more useful than under grade. Even though you can double your completed square pictures, you’ll get nowhere close double the value for the condominium.

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