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it is to be filed together with a Particulars of claim. The Registrar will then trouble a plaint note to the applicant. The Registrar will quandary and serve usual summons in form 6 with the Particulars of declare to the defendant. It’s issued outside the jurisdiction with the depart of the court. See Nicholas V. General supervisor Nig. Railway Ltd.


Default Summons-type 7

this is utilized in liquidated money demand which the Plaintiff feels the defendant will not have any cheap defence to it. This is issued after the Plaintiff has filed a Plaint together with his Particulars of claim supported with an affidavit in type 8. The Registrar will then problem and serve the default Summons in type 7 annexed with type 7A used to enter defence on the defendant. The defendant is to reply inside sixteen days by way of denial, counter-declare, and request for time or delicate before the motion contained in his detect of Intention to look after. If the defendant does now not respond in 10 days, judgment is also entered in opposition to him if tested that he was once served with type 9. The judgment can also be set aside if the debt

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