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Now, she’s in spirit and that i in finding that I can not recall even one type or generous factor that she did for me or any person else. My heart is stuffed with discomfort, now not love.


This girl was a bully. I have clear memories of her bullying her husband. “Honey, drop useless!” she would say to this tender soul.


She bullied her eldest son into believing he was silly, even though he was of usual intelligence. Can you suppose how this affected his life?


She bullied her daughter into fitting a series smoker.


She bullied her two different sons unless one in all them moved three,000 miles away simply to suppose free of her.


She bullied me, too, even though I wasn’t her possess youngster.


Whenever she visited us or we visited her family, she was horrible to me. I used to hide in my bedroom when she came to our residence except my mother would drag me out to greet her and her household.


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