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Change can be a excellent factor. In case you are historic enough to take into account black and white television, cassette tapes you had to wind with a pencil once they broke, floppy disks or fax machines you will be aware of what i am speakme about. Have you ever ever sold your condo? Did you engage in a frenzy of cleaning, throwing out, relocating furnishings to new places and repairing things you had put up with for years. After it was once all done, did you stand back and seem at this glowing condo and beauty why you ever notion promoting and moving was a excellent suggestion? Your authorized follow could typically advantage from a an identical easy out, restore and shake up. As an alternative of seeing these alterations as a disruption, how about for those who saw them as an opportunity to upgrade?


Our very human reaction to alter is to see it as a nasty or threatening factor. In the end, that is what

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