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that they are the toughest to add rectangular photos. You either must finish an unfinished basement, or add a second story. There may be now not often ample land on the lot so as to add an addition by using growing the foot print of the property. This client does numerous basement finishes and “pop tops,” but the place he has made the most money is the basement that’s only five or six ft deep. He’s going to go in and dig out the basement to a full eight or 9 foot top and then finish it. Something most investors would not believe of, so he’s competent to get the deal most other investors pass on. I have also seen some traders in finding houses that do not really match right into a regional and so they make them fit. This would be confined bedrooms or lavatories or funky floor plans. All of that may be changed. Surely many cosmetic fixes like kitchens and lavatories add quite a lot of worth too. There’s much more to it than

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