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I in no way notion of myself as a guide. I was once a director of training for engineering, now not a consultant. The individuals who labored for me were technicians and engineers now not consultants. The people I worked with had been engineering managers, now not purchasers.


Through the years, as I educated folks in consulting skills, I heard that remark again and again, “I never idea of myself as a guide.”


To help humans detect their role, I present the next 9 signs that you’ll be in an inside consulting position. (when you learn “others” i’m relating to humans external your field.)


  1. You’ve got a authentic field of capabilities.


  1. You work in an area that provides help to other departments or divisions, i.E. Administrative services, business procedure improvement, communications, engineering, finance, human resources, it, law, studying and development, OD, undertaking administration, buying, recruiting, or coaching.

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