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NEGOTIATIONS: difficult negotiations are conducted the Lekgotla method. Lekgotla offers weaker negotiation events the possibility to be heard. The recognize and harmonious atmosphere created via the Lekgotla methodology dispose of pressure from the negotiators.


COUNSELING AND treatment: the impactful silence that is most commonly created via the Lekgotla methodology permits the individuals to have deep connection with their emotions. Men and women come to Lekgotla with heavy feelings and go away so much better. They become spiritually restored and related with fellow human beings. This is irrespective of the theme for the Lekgotla. These are the spinoffs of attending Lekgotla sessions.


Building SOCIETIES: the ideal function of the Lekgotla methodology is to create positivity and build societies. It is future and optimistic oriented. Its utility prevents big quandary from going down.


CULTURALLY critical options: the solutions received making use of the Lekgotla methodology are lengthy lasting as they are generally vital and appropriate to the communities wherein they are being used. The methodology take the cultural diversity and dynamics of the unique community under consideration. Correctly that is among the stipulations for applying the methodology. It should on no account be used

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