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  1. Next, you will have to decide on a flat floor, press the chalk tip on it calmly and then unencumber it. Do not press it greater than a 2nd. You may also want to keep repeating this step unless the tip of the chalk is crammed up with the ink. Almost always, it will take between 20 and 40 pumps. Simply be careful not to damage the tip of the marker.


  1. Once you will see the ink in the tip, you should decide on a floor and then start drawing.


Recommendations to draw The correct method


  • When pumping, you might have considered trying watch out not to put too much strain on the marker tip. If an excessive amount of pressure is utilized, the tip could get deformed. Thus, you may have to purchase one more chalk marker.


  • After use, you can also want to retailer the pen in upright role with the cap on.


  • consider to check the cap to ensure it’s tight.


  • before drawing, make certain that the writing surface is clean.


  • When erasing, we endorse that you are making use of a damp and clean piece of clothing.


  • recall: the ink will take a while to dry.


  • You have to preserve in intellect that chalk markers work on surfaces which are non-porous like slate chalkboards, porcelain chalkboards, steel and glass, simply to name a couple of.


  • also, you must recognize that some chalkboards do not work with chalk markers, akin to MDF boards which might be chalk-painted.

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