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Believing someone’s Opinion: I just had a client lose $10,000 on a deal due to the fact that he believed the wholesalers opinion of price. He was compelled to give a giant deposit instant to relaxed the house and did not have time to do his possess research. Based on the comps furnished by way of the vendor, the deal worked. When he brought the deal to me, I quickly noticed error in the comps that have been furnished. I showed him why the comp determination was once improper, and how he would must adjust the comps to get a extra correct value. One comp was twice the scale above grade!!! The very subsequent day my consumer went to the wholesaler armed with the data I provided and requested for his $10,000 back. The wholesaler denied the request and then unfold the word that Pine fiscal is strategy to conservative. My response is that if you want a lender to fund bad offers, we aren’t your lender. I would instead go on a deal than fund some thing that my purchaser is certain to lose cash on. Investors decide upon to work with us on account that we are not in regards to the deal, we’re in regards to the relationship. We have no crisis supplying you with the advice you have got to construct a positive real estate investing b

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