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does now not necessarily sell for more than a three-bed room home. If the houses are the equal size and one has one more bed room, it’s seemingly giving up something that a customer might want; like a proper dinning room or a master suite, or it could simply imply that the four bedrooms are all small, while the 3-bed room home has 3 roomy bedrooms. Customer appeal is centered on their wants, so it’s unfair to assert that a apartment is worth extra just in view that it has one more bedroom. Except for rare circumstances, we do not see our appraisers adjusting for bedrooms. If a house is better and has an additional bedroom, it is valued at more. If that’s the case you might be capturing the expand in value within the sq footage, now not the bed room depend. Should you adjusted a comp for size and bedrooms, you possibly can be making two adjustments for the one room.

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