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natural price per rectangular foot within the subject is about $one hundred forty and the comp sold for $200,000 i would alter the $200,000 offered rate down $5,600 so the adjusted worth of my comp is $194,four hundred. Stressed? Let’s appear on the math. Commencing with the usual rate per sq foot in the discipline, i might divide that by using 5. $a hundred and forty PPS / 5 = $28 PPS. In our illustration, there is a measurement change of 200 feet, so I multiply 200 by means of $28 and get $5,600. For the reason that the comp is greater than the area, i would assume the discipline to promote for much less, so I subtract the adjustment. $200,000 – $5,600 = $194,four hundred. Consider, that is the indicated price utilising one comp. You’ll want to use a number of comps to get a fair clearer image of worth.

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