Sai Baba Good Morning

forward, and well, backwards, too, I think. I am hoping you win a bazillion bucks and whilst you do, i am hoping you do quite a few great stuff for lots of persons. Have a fine day.” I peeled off, leaving the plastic nametag on his shirt nonetheless unread.


The silence in the auto lasted by way of three stoplights before my teenager spoke, “If we win, I get half, correct?” he asked, between licks.


I slap the tiny hand to my wrinkled forehead, “Eureka!” I mentioned to my son, who was busy shoving the ice cream down his pie hole. “Even better than that,” I mentioned, “i’ll double your investment, which is… Oh wait… You failed to speculate, so-nada. You can get, nada.” I burst open with laughter, and although he tried ever so difficult to seem unamused, I saw the invisible smile on his face.


He shook his head and mumbled by means of the mash in his mouth, “That was once cool, mom. I wish i would have gotten it on Snapchat.”


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