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leg is lifted up (as in Yoga Asana form in Sabarimala) or hangs down (as in Veera Asana varieties in other temples). Accordingly, depending on the height of the statue, when the devotee stands or sits earlier than the Lord, he will find the Lord’s raised feet on the level of the center. This, and the Lord pointing to His ft, is His message to position His ft firmly within the coronary heart (Hrudkamalam). The Lord as Krishna or Narayana says the same within the Bhagawad Gita – “Maam Ekam Sharanam Vraja”.


Having the Lord’s ft in the heart and continuously taking into account on Him is the cultivation of Bhakti or Divine Love, and this is also the simplest approach to domesticate Sattva Guna, good conduct and Dharma, and finally attain the Lord. As a result, the left 1/2 of Dharma Shaasta highlights the righteousness or Bhakti or Dharma part, and this is exactly Pushkala Devi.


For that reason, the two consorts, or rather the 2 halves of the Lord signify the concept of Dharma-Shaasta with predominance of Narayana and Shankara points respectively.


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