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By and large, Dharma Shaasta is shown with two consorts, namely Poorna and Pushkala. These names translate to “Completeness” and “Prosperity”, and are allusions to the two paths – Jnaana and Bhakti, through which one reaches absolutely the as Self-attention.


Instead than the 2 consorts, these characterize the 2 halves of the Lord itself, in the pure Yogic posture and kind one sees at Sabarimala.


The Lord is visible in a particular Yogic posture, often also seen in Lord Narasimha, Dakshinamurthi or Aanjaneya. Here, the Lord is seated upright, along with his legs bent and each ankles touching the Mooladhara or root Chakra. The erectness of the posture permits free go with the flow of Kundalini

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