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account that then all you’ve gotten is a communist state – extra just like the Borg. Some people are simply better at some matters.


Concerning “Human+” some people are simply higher at most the whole thing, math, athletics, future health, symmetrical facial points, spatial reasoning, language, uptake of latest standards, etc. These people we would drop into a faraway village in China at age 5, with the aid of age 15 they’d be jogging the place.


Some men and women, humans, are rather good at so little or no, and regardless of reason; genetics, nurture, indoctrination, media, education, food regimen, way of life, nearby, picks, notion systems, there may be little use to aid them “get up” to end up best at something it is they are doing. Although that you would be able to support them become as good as they are in all likelihood equipped through de-programming and re-programming – the way you go about this is additionally challenging, as you might be deciding on their outcome via your standards – military boot camp for instance, or religious brainwashing, and many others.


If you want actual equality underneath the law, let

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