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Shakti or the life force through the seven Chakras. It is humanly complicated to keep this type of posture for lengthy length, and to hinder the legs from straying away, the Lord has a band (Yoga Pattai) tying his legs with the back.


As a result, Chin-Mudra, or the gesture of attention, consciousness and reality is the true and best teaching of Self-consciousness. One sees this unique equal Mudra within the form of Dakshinamurthi. As a consequence, the proper half of of Dharma Shaasta highlights the instructor or Shaasta facet, and this is precisely Poorna Devi – completeness of knowledge, abilities and working out of truth.


The left hand of the Lord rests on His leg, pointing in the direction of His feet. In all seated varieties of Ayyappan, one will absolutely see the left leg lifted up, without reference to whether or not the proper

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