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languages and cultures. Our former democratic President, Hon Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela sought to advertise harmony through our cultural variety. We have in some way abandoned his mission. He nonetheless left us organizations and classes to maintain this mission. We are hopeful that the nation will get better from this and bear in mind Madiba’s dream and continue with it. Businesses, businesses, colleges, faculties, universities, game clubs, govt departments, NGOs, and communities are inspired to constantly embark on variety administration & Inclusion Programmes to foster social cohesion among their individuals and employees. The September month would be a just right begin with such principal programmes. This is a lifestyles lengthy ride for the rainbow nation. Transformation and alter management cannot occur in a single day. I have written this text as a dedication to this big dream of our beloved late father, Madiba. I also desired to remind ourselves that in Lekgotla methodology we’ve a cultural present that even Madiba himself grew up in his rural eastern Cape watching and learning from it, i.E. How the elders applied it in resolving conflicts within the villages.


THE common query: the fashioned question that many people usually ask is whether all people that calls his/her gathering a Lekgotla is truly making use of the original and normal ideas as taught from generations to generations in Africa. Persons are likely to equate Lekgotla with any gathering. You hear men and women saying, we are conserving Lekgotla, meaning that they are having a meeting. The complaints don’t always follow the normal Lekgotla principles, principles, and discipline. If that’s the case the gathering cannot be known as a Lekgotla.


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